Acknowledgments (Wilde Twins)


This is the text from the acknowledgments page of my Wilde Twins psychological thriller series.

Direct links (where applicable) are included below :)

— Jess C Scott / jessINK

* * *


I am indebted to the following people for their help and support:

To friends and family, thanks for putting up with my shenanigans over the years.
To fans/readers: YOU ROCK!
To ID Channel, thank you for the resources.
To Stephen King, thank you for Carrie (and everything else).
To Lisa Lip at The Arts House, thank you for organizing the events.

To Marina / Darkstar, SS, GN, CR, SB, DM, DW, PJ, NR, GK, GV, GM, JS, RS, BM, AZ, LY (and many more)—thank you for the emails/stories and reminding me to keep it real.

To fellow authors, Joseph Grinton, Matt Posner, Joe Perrone Jr., Katherine Mayfield, Charles Austin Muir, K.C. Finn, Jeffrey Kosh, Clayton Bye, Morgen Bailey, Lae Monier, Marie-Jo Fortis, Kristopher Miller, Maria Savva, Darcia Helle, Mike Fook, Peejay Bayliss, Andrew Penney, Cliff Burns, Edward Giles Brown—a big thank you for your time/input, support, and the original work you do.

To Julie Ann Dawson, thank you for your work and Bards and Sages Quarterly.

To Mystery Man, thank you for being a constant inspiration to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.


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