Am I haunted? Or just going crazy?

Guest Post by Lacy Sereduk

“The evil is coming…” says a voice in the darkness.

Something woke me up, last night.  Not the usual creepiness that comes at night.  Not my kids.  I don’t really know what it was; it was like a night terror experience but it wasn’t terrifying — almost calming.  This was a whole new way to wake up for me.  But, being who I am, I laid there and tried to go back to sleep until my brain made it clear that it wouldn’t let me.  My brain likes to think about food pretty much all the time.  So, not being able to vanquish the visions of a late-night snack, I got up.

My room and the house was quiet and dark because it was just after midnight.  I quietly opened my bedroom door; slowly so as not to bump anything behind it.  Just as I’ve got it three quarters of the way open, a voice, on the other side of the door, whispers, “Damnit.”  I’ll admit it: I jumped.  I turned away from the voice, toward the switch, and flipped the lights on, expecting to find one of my kids had just been caught (and now this is serious because of the language).

Turning back to the room, there’s no one around.  Just the quiet stillness of our house at night.  Experiences like this aren’t very new to me so I just furrow my brow and search out a treat.  However, this got me thinking back down a path that I’ve thought a few times before.  Am I haunted?

A few weeks ago, I had come home and saw an old man in my driveway.  I was driving my husband’s truck, so, pulling into his parking spot, I watched the old man walk in front of my own truck.  I waited, expecting the man to come around the other side.  He looked like he was dressed for church: black suit, black tie, white dress shirt.  He was very thin, old, and had a good amount of short white hair on his head.  Maybe he’s going to the front door of the house?

I waited.  I reached forward and shut the truck off and still I waited.  I waited until it was completely clear that the man had just *poofed* into non-existence and would not be rejoining reality on the other side of my truck.  For hours, I wracked my brain, trying to figure out where he could have gone, where he could have come from, why I would have thought I even saw a man.  This wasn’t the first time that I’ve seen someone that shouldn’t be there and most likely won’t be the last.

I wrote my first novel, Discernment, because of what I see at night, under the cover of darkness.  The things that come into my room (or wherever I’m sleeping), the shadow people that haunt me, and the monsters under the bed.  Having the night terror disorder, in and of itself, is enough to drive someone to crazy way faster than they’d have arrived on their own, BUT, I don’t think I’m crazy.  So, if I didn’t accidentally fall off the planet for a minute, while sitting in my driveway, that leaves me to wonder: other than being haunted, what else is there?  A strange link to a parallel universe?  My brain showing me a memory, out of the blue, and accidentally getting it crossed with my optic sensors?  I don’t know.  If you do, I’m all ears.

I love hearing feedback from readers about their own experiences and their own stories.  Have you ever seen someone that you were positive was standing right there and then they disappeared?  Have you ever walked into a room and heard a voice without a body that belonged to it?  Ever woken up because you had an eery feeling that someone was watching you?  Trust me, there’s no judgement here if bumps in the night freak you out just a little.

* * *


LACY SEREDUK is an Idaho native and enjoys long walks on the beach, reading, coffee, and video games. Her hope for her book, Discernment, was, originally cathartic, as a way to ‘get out’ some of the demons that have haunted her from childhood. With her published novel, she now hopes to help other sufferers know that they are not wholly alone in their fight toward the light.

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